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Its over =..(..

I feel very empty. Its like all semester we have been working on these dances to only perform them 3 times and then its over. At the end of the show there was a Senior Dedication dance to "Winds beneathe my wings" That kinda got me teary eyed..and at the end Mrs Guiles brought out all of the seniors and made a speech about how much she is going to miss us blah blah blah..then my friend Brenda, of 6 years (we met in 7th grade) turns to me and she is sobbing, then it hit me. I started to cry also then all of my other friends huddled around and we cried some more. So the audience is watching a bunch of blubbering idiot seniors hugging a crying on stage it was pretty funny! As I walk out I tool a look at my school. Its pretty small and pathedic but its all I've known in the last 6 years. I am going to miss it. I always thought that when I graduate I would be happy to leave..but now its just depressing. I have changed and grown up so much from 7th grade till now. Its all too much to take in! Ah, so sad!
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oh mike...that is so sad
I just wanted to say hi and that I have that I have a LJ.....by the way it's Jessika..you know the one that went out with that Mike guy....just in case you didn't know
Oh, Mike how sad. I felt the same way at our last choir performance. I was crying like a baby and couldn't stop. And then Mr. Warren decides it's a good time to take pictures of all the choirs! I will miss so many people! I better not have to miss you! We have to hang out! I haven't seen you lately! Where are you??
Where did you go? I wanted to talk to you. Oh well. I wish you were a junior so you could graduate with me.
I know I wish I was...I would do so many things, I could join hip-hop club...and really graduate on stage! So sad!
I know how it is, sweetie! I mean, I just finished Hello Dolly and I know its going to feel like something is missing from my life for a while.

But then you realize that you move on and you go one to bigger better things, and are going to miss them just as much as the last!

But isnt it all worth it?