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Its over =..(..

I feel very empty. Its like all semester we have been working on these dances to only perform them 3 times and then its over. At the end of the show there was a Senior Dedication dance to "Winds beneathe my wings" That kinda got me teary eyed..and at the end Mrs Guiles brought out all of the seniors and made a speech about how much she is going to miss us blah blah blah..then my friend Brenda, of 6 years (we met in 7th grade) turns to me and she is sobbing, then it hit me. I started to cry also then all of my other friends huddled around and we cried some more. So the audience is watching a bunch of blubbering idiot seniors hugging a crying on stage it was pretty funny! As I walk out I tool a look at my school. Its pretty small and pathedic but its all I've known in the last 6 years. I am going to miss it. I always thought that when I graduate I would be happy to leave..but now its just depressing. I have changed and grown up so much from 7th grade till now. Its all too much to take in! Ah, so sad!
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