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Its over. School, My friends at school, everything that came with the school is over. Its so weird driving by it and thinking, I am never going there again. I went to my own graduation, sat in the audience. Supported my friends. I was a great cerimony, but I wasn't in it. I know its over and I know I shouldn't beat myself over things in the past. But I would have so loved to be up there.
We went tot Grad-Nite after that, it was okay except for the fact that our group got split up during check in and we never saw eachother until we got back in the bus to go home. We only went on four rides on account of it being so busy. Indiana Jones, Space Mountian, Pirates of the Carribean, and the Haunted Mansion. It was fun.
Then we went back for senior Breakfast. We all said goodbye and yea. Brenda was the hardest for me to say goodbye to. In my year book, her goodbye seemed way to perminate. I told her, "Don't worry I will make sure we keep in touch," But then she said, "We'll talk" I thought that was strange and it kinda put me down into a sad mood. What do you think she means by it? It knda comes off sounding like she is going to tell me something bad...hmm I don't know.
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