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Well I tried to stop but I can't...

Writing in here is a small addiction! I just have to get things out somehow.
I am starting to think my Friend's lack of communication with me is somehow suppost to be a hint. A hint maybe saying "We don't want to be your friend anymore so stop calling us all the time!" HA! That would be SO perfect right now. Just place it at the top of my heep of troubles.
But I could be over reacting, I know do that a lot. Or maybe i am a dumb ass.
Its weird I have always been the one that people know and like, but no one really cares. Know what I am saying? Why is it that I am this way? I think there is going to be a huge change when I get into College. I'll be the "If you like me, cool. If you dont, go fuck yourself" kind of guy, instead of the pathedic "Hi I am mike, PLEASE like me!" guy. My problem is I am too needy. No one likes that! Oh and another thing, I am not going to put up with other people's shit, I am going to stand up for myself. Stop careing what other people think...why do I when no one really cares anyway? I am a weird guy HA!
Yea thats what I am going to do. Its gonna be hard. But I want it so much its worth it.
Update later
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